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Marie Louise Roy Bio
                   Marie Louise Roy
Artist to the tip of the fingers, Marie Louise Roy practices her art in various fields (domains). Her initial career was  as an architect and urban designer, and later as artist, writer, author, composer and singer. With a diploma from the university of Montreal, she also has a master’s degree in applied sciences (environment) from École Polytechnique of Montreal.  Self-employed, she  runs her own business as a consultant in ecological design and sustainable development (ecovillages). from the suburbs of Montreal, She has developed workshops on healing of cities and has led  environmental workshops  with primary school students. Very much inspired by geomancy and sacred geometry, she also introduces these two disciplines in the design concepts  of her projects.
Her status as a self employed professional, living through a profound spiritual transformation, caused her to become a resource person and an entrepreneurial role model with Mr Louis Jacques Filion HEC, University of Montreal. Her life experience has been presented as a case study, first to students, and later ,in 2002,  to the 6th Francophone International Congress on Small and Medium Enterprises, where she animated a workshop that described  her own experiences. At the 22nd International Conference on Case Method Research & Application titled “Gateways to Learning”  hosted by the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, Czech Republic in 2005, her case study was presented.
Case Study : Marie Louise Roy, In tune with the inner self,  International Journal of Case Methods Research & Application (2005), XVII, 4, 2005, WACRA (the Journal of the World Application for Case Method Research & Application)
Besides working in her first field of interest, Marie Louise Roy has a diploma in polarity therapy from the psycho-body therapy school and offers her services as an energy practitioner.
Her path is a little uncommon. When she was five years old, she learned, from her father, different meditation techniques and also kriya yoga.  In her youth she was attracted by fine arts and science. She was also attracted to music through singing and  playing guitar. She has studied painting and has developed an interest in water colours.
In 1988, her life made a dramatic shift when she discovered her healing abilities. From that moment, she decided to undergo a lengthy process, through alternate medicine, specialising in polarity therapy and therapeutic touch.  She also found  her way through rebirth and spiritual healing. As a facilitator, Mrs. Roy works on self healing of the soul through unconditional love and enlightenment of human awareness.
In 1991, her life is transformed when guidance from archangelic realms reveals through her profound teachings.  This new reality has profoundly changed her life.  She has been involved to heal unknown sacred sites and help stabilise the Earth’s meridians. She also has studied with international renowned doctors and healers.
Her books “Paroles Angéliques” tome 1, 2 and 3, (Ed. Courteau), her meditation CD “ Infinie Lumière “ (French) reveals her spiritual path. Since a few years she has developed a musical facet and composes songs addressing the soul. Her recent CD “To the Heart of the Earth “ (English) is a eloquent testimonial of her path. Mrs Roy gives conferences, training and workshops in Europe and Quebec.
She has practised meditation for over 15 years and leads meditation sessions regularly in her region in low Laurentian (Quebec, Canada). She has studied vocal techniques and singing for over eight years. She gives concerts when invited on special occasions.
Marie Louise Roy Bio
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