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Baron Mastery Institute
Baron Mastery Institute and its imprint In-Phase Publishing publish books and CDs by internationally recognized speaker and teacher, Dõv Baron. Dõv Baron is a renowned professional speaker, author, and television personality, Dov is a man who lives with passion every day of his life. He has risen to international prominence by delivering high energy, passionate, and often profoundly funny messages that guide his clients away from mediocrity and push them to live up to their innate greatness. Read More about Dõv Baron…

Don't Read This...Unless You Want More Money! - Subconscious Tactics of the Truly Affluent by Dov Baron
Don't Read This…Unless You Want More Money!
ISBN   978-1-926768-03-8
Retail Price   $21.77
Paperback Book    270 pages
Yes, the economy has changed. However, the opportunity for you to live the life of your dreams does not die at the announcement of a recession.
Dõv Baron cuts bone deep and gives YOU the competitive edge for growing your own 'Niagara Falls' flow of affluence.

Throughout these pages you will discover not only how to survive—BUT how to thrive by offering the world what you naturally already have, even if you're not sure what it is—yet. This book removes the hard work of what it takes to discover and apply the real core affluence formula.
 Don't Read This...Your Ego Won't LikeIt! by Dov Baron

Don't Read This...Your Ego Won't Like It!
ISBN   978-0-9810313-1-6
Retail Price   $26.95
Paperback Book   440 pages
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While our ego minds can be tempted by the rich promises of the 'Law of Attraction' movement, it is the very conditioning of the ego-mind that prevents so many of us from realizing true abundance. Is there a flaw in the science of it? Is the ego-mind sabotaging our best efforts? Or are we missing a piece of the puzzle when it comes to applying the theory to our daily lives?
Mind master and manifestation expert Dov Baron delivers the key that unlocks the mystery once and for all: The Equation For Manifestation™. This easy, practical, step-by-step process will help you get past the ego-mind so that you can align yourself completely with your desired outcomes. Applying the techniques in this book, you will realize the true root of any limited beliefs still holding you back from attaining the levels of success that may be eluding you and eradicate them!

Getting What You Want To Want You by Dov Baron 
Getting What You Want...To Want You
ISBN   978-0-9810313-0-9
Retail Price   $7.95
Paperback Book   47 pages
This pocket size book was written for all those who have struggled to make sense of the phenomena known as the law of attraction. It was written to give you a greater understanding of why this “law” seems to work for some and not for others. This book was designed to fit into your pocket or purse so it’s just a short reach away when waiting for an appointment, a meeting or a bus. You will always have exact directions available to getting what want to want you.
 Dov Baron's Resonating Riches by Dov Baron
Dov Baron's Resonating Riches
ISBN   978-0-9810313-2-3
Retail Price   $99.95
6 CD Set (Recording of Live Program)

This program in essence is the quantum science of attracting wealth. If you've had challenges understanding your unique value in the market place and how to maximize it, Resonating
Riches™ will give you a very solid foundation for moving forward to a life of true abundance. This exciting audio program provides you with insights, tools and techniques used by some of the wealthiest people in the world. You will discover how to maximize your "personal economy" to secure, grow and multiply your wealth beyond the uncertainty of any economy.
Permanently recession-proof your life with Dov Baron's Resonating Riches™ Audio Program - your economic blueprint for success!
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